The Workforce Accommodation Network

Helping businesses connect their seasonal, contract &/or temporary workers to affordable accommodation sourced from within the community in which they are working.

Across New Zealand in our regions, local businesses rely on seasonal, temporary and contract workers.

These flexible workers come to our towns and cities to share their unique or different skills for the time that they are needed. Finding affordable accommodation options for these workers has traditionally been an issue. Until now.

We help businesses connect their flexible workforce to accommodation sourced from within the communities in which they choose to work. By reducing the accommodation barrier we aim to help local businesses – that you know and trust – attract and retain the workers they need for the length of time they need them.

Are you a business with flexible workforce requirements, or do you have spare accommodation space suitable for seasonal, temporary or contract workers? If so, then…

Register now & together we can:

  • Create sustainable communities
  • Improve the health of people and place
  • Increase utilisation of existing infrastructure


Connect your business

Secure accommodation for your flexible workers through our trusted community platform.

Offer a room

Support local businesses, meet new people and earn passive income at the same time.

Look for a room

Register, create a verified profile, and get connected to accommodation in the community

Why Us?

We all love a comfy bed to rest our heads at night – especially when we’ve been working hard.

The Workforce Accommodation Network (WAN) exists to help businesses connect their flexible workforce to safe, secure affordable accommodation that is right for them for the time they are working in our communities.

Support Local

Local businesses are often the heart of regional economies – and it’s why they are the heart of The WAN.

We help local businesses secure great workers through connecting their team members to affordable and secure accommodation.

Fair for All

Seasonal, temporary and flexible workers might be doctors locums, sales people, harvest workers, baristas, executive chefs, sports specialists, construction teams and more. They help build critical infrastructure. They support export markets. They teach our kids sporting skills. They help build the economy of our regional towns.

Yet often they cannot find suitable accommodation for short periods of time. We make it easier to offer, find and connect affordable accommodation to our verified, recommended seasonal workers.

Lower Risk, Real Returns

Offering a room to a stranger can feel like a risk. With The WAN, you can have confidence that every worker has been verified by a local business. Only these verified workers can access and connect with our network of accommodation options.

Trusted to be local

 When we connect members to accommodation, we’re supporting local businesses.