About us

Join for the cause.
Stay for the community.

Making communities stronger

 The WAN is a community-focussed online accommodation marketplace designed to help businesses attract workers by reducing the barriers that their seasonal, flexible and temporary workers face when trying to find safe, affordable and secure accommodation options.

When we looked at why accommodation was difficult for temporary workers, we discovered that when workers were connected to a local businesses, our communities would be more willing to offer accommodation.

We created a platform where businesses are supported, flexible workers are supported and where accommodators are rewarded in so many ways.

The WAN aims to shift accommodation away from being just a commercial transaction to one of hospitality, care and reciprocity for all who contribute to our communities. It is designed to help our communities flex and grow, supporting seasonal activity and the economic livelihood of the local area – wherever that may be.


To reinvent accommodation exchanges and build
more sustainable outcomes for the whole community.

Our Foundation for Action


Encompassing hospitality, caring and reciprocity. The process of showing respect, generosity and care for others.


 Guardianship and protection of the land and the people.


Developing connections and relationships through shared experiences. Working together which provides a sense of belonging.


He waka eke noa – we are all in this together – we rise together, fall together, work together, keep going together.

The Workforce Accomodation Network would like to express its gratitude to the team who have been instrumental in our journey so far.