How it works

Join the community helping businesses connect their seasonal workers to safe, affordable accommodation.

The WAN works with businesses to connect their seasonal, flexible or mobile workforce to safe, affordable accommodation sourced from within the community in which they are working.

We put local businesses at the heart of the model because we know how important the success of those businesses are to our communities – from the jobs they supply, to how they contribute to our economy.



  • Register
  • Create profile
  • Add your workers
  • Invite them to register
  • Be informed when your workers get a room


  • Register
  • List your space(s)
  • Get your space(s) approved
  • Review who needs a room
  • Enquire
  • Get connected


  • Register
  • Create profile
  • Get verified by business
  • Search for a room
  • Enquire
  • Get connected

Why the Wan

Why offer a room?

What makes The WAN different is that all of our workers are verified by the local business they are working for.  That means you can confidently accommodate a worker knowing they are part of a business you recognise and trust.

Seasonal, temporary and flexible workers are only here, well, when they’re here!

You earn a bit of spare cash for your space during their stay,  then once that worker’s placement is done, you get your space back again. It’s the perfect way to support the local economy, build better communities and make use of your spare space.

Be part of the change: better accommodation exchanges for everyone.

Choose The WAN for your business

Increasingly NZ’s workforce is made up of skilled seasonal, temporary and flexible workers. People who often become the life-force of local businesses, helping to support regional economies.

When we created The WAN we placed businesses at the heart of our equation. We know when your team is well rested, with good accommodation options, they feel valued – part of the local community, part of your community.  The mahi comes more easily, day in and day out.

Every business wants engaged members of their team. The WAN helps you achieve that.


Connect to better accommodation

We understand how difficult it is to find comfortable, affordable, safe accommodation as a seasonal, temporary or flexible worker. We know because we’ve been there. It was because of our own experience that we designed The WAN – an online marketplace designed to provide better accommodation exchanges for everyone.

It takes a team to run a business, and the business you work for needs a great team – a well rested team that can do the mahi day in, and day out.

We require workers to be verified by a local business before they can look for accommodation on our marketplace. Why? Because we’re asking for accommodators to open their doors to strangers, and to offer accommodation that might not otherwise be available. Placing a local business at the heart of The WAN gives accommodators the confidence and surety that they’re not only helping out a great stranger, they’re doing it to also help out a local business they know and trust.


The WAN is a community focussed marketplace. We believe it’s important that the cost of accommodation exchanges are fair, affordable and accessible.

  • Free registration
  • Free Roomer profile creation
  • Own dashboard
  • Access to all accommodation listings
  • Up to 5 introductions*

*A fee may apply for additional introductions

  • Free registration
  • Free listing of space(s)
  • Own dashboard
  • Access to all roomer listings
  • Service fee – lesser of
1 weeks rent
or 5%*

*% fee of total rent while your space is filled.

  • Free registration
  • Free business profile creation
  • Business dashboard
  • Option to promote your business via Our Community

*For a limited time


Because the WAN is a new idea and a little different to other online accommodation sites, you may have some questions about how it all works. To help you along we have compiled a list of questions (FAQs) to make the process as easy as possible.

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