We understand that our online marketplace is a little different to others you might have come across. And we know that you’ll have some questions. Have a look below and see if we have answered your queries. If not, please contact us or feel free to drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram .

Accommodator FAQs

  • Why should I list?

    By offering accommodation through The WAN, you are becoming part of a community solution to a problem that is impacting our towns. You will be providing seasonal/temporary workers, who are engaged by our local businesses, with accommodation for short periods of time, relative to their working arrangements. While you earn a return on your spare room, sleepout or holiday house, you will also be helping local businesses secure great workers - enabling them to survive and prosper, which in turn benefits our local economy.

  • Who are seasonal/temporary workers?

    They are the backbone of many towns, helping to build critical infrastructure and support our export markets. They are also relief teachers at our schools, locums in our medical centres and students doing work experience as part of their professional education requirements.

  • What type of accommodation can I offer?

    If you have accommodation capacity, you are welcome to list on The WAN. We classify accommodation as single room, double room, twin room, self-contained and whole house, so Accommodators can be anyone with a spare room, sleepout or holiday home, or a backpackers, hotel, or motel. Caravans may be accepted as a spare room or self-contained unit (as applicable, in the summer season only).

  • How long do the workers require accommodation for?

    Because seasonal/temporary workers will have different work arrangements that can be for a period of weeks or months, the minimum requirement for your accommodation is two weeks, the maximum is entirely up to you.

  • Can I limit when the accommodation is available?

    Yes, you can enter a date range that your accommodation is available for, as well as terms for minimum and maximum lengths of stay. Note the requirement for accommodation to be offered for a minimum of two weeks, above.

  • Can I list multiple rooms and/or properties?

    Yes you can. We recommend that each type of accommodation being offered has its own listing.

  • What do I have to provide?

    When completing your Accommodator profile, you will be asked to specify your type of accommodation (i.e. single room), location, access, availability, cost and any additional features (i.e. smoke alarms, insulation, linen, etc). What you offer over and above the accommodation type is up to you. Additional features are beneficial to help your accommodation stand out and will also be used as part of the matching process. We recommend that smoke alarms be installed for your safety and that of your Roomer.

  • What are my responsibilities?

    Your Accommodator responsibilities are outlined in the terms and conditions, including specific requirements around Member Conduct and the requirement to provide accommodation rules. Accommodation rules should include details that make your space safe for Roomers (i.e. emergency services information, location of first aid kit, etc). You may also wish to clarify whether smoking is permitted, pets allowed, noise restrictions, parking rules, etc. Please also be sure that you are compliant with local rules and New Zealand laws when providing accommodation.

  • Do I need special insurance?

    You should always inform your home and contents insurer if there are changes to the occupancy of your property, including temporary Roomers. Your insurer will advise you on what additional cover (if any) is required.

  • What does it cost me?

    Listing your accommodation is free. A service fee applies for each room that is filled through us (see pricing information). Payable on confirmation that the room has been filled.

  • What is a fair amount to charge?

    It is up to you to determine a price that you believe is reasonable for the accommodation you are offering. We recommend that you charge a weekly rate that is affordable  - i.e. no more than 30% of a worker's income. Note: many roles undertaken by seasonal/contract workers are paid minimum wage ($21.20/hr) or just slightly above.

  • What if something happens and I can no longer offer my accommodation?

    If you have no confirmed arrangements in place with a seasonal/temporary worker, you can simply remove your accommodation listing. An existing confirmed agreement is considered a commitment and Accommodators must honour any commitment made to Roomers. If your personal situation makes this no longer possible, please contact us immediately at info@thewan.co.nz.

  • Can I be listed on other accommodation sites at the same time?

    The WAN imposes no restrictions on Accommodators listing on multiple sites. We only ask that you keep your listing up to date in terms of availability. Please note however, where you have committed to a Roomer for a particular duration, you cannot ask the Roomer to vacate during that time to accommodate someone through another accommodation site, nor to accommodate family or friends who are visiting. Any reports of such behaviour will result in your membership being terminated immediately.

  • If I am not happy with my Roomer, am I able to ask them to leave?

    If you are unhappy with your Roomer, your ability to ask them to leave will be dependent on the circumstances, and the arrangements you agreed with your Roomer for the duration of their stay. If the Roomer has breached the terms and conditions, we recommend that you and the Roomer discuss an alternative arrangement that is appropriate for both of you.

Business FAQs

  • Why should I join?

    As a member of The WAN your workers can access affordable accommodation offered by people in your community who want local businesses to succeed. Workers with suitable accommodation are more likely to stay in the area and your business will be less affected by the transience of unaccommodated workers.

  • How do I join?

    Click the sign-up button which will take you to a registration page. Once registered, we will send you a confirmation email. From there you can log in and create your business profile.

  • What information do I need to include in my profile?

    Just a few details about your business including location and contact details. You can upload your logo (.jpeg, .png or similar format), provide a description of your business and the number of seasonal workers you have looking for accommodation, including names and email addresses. Please ensure that you have your workers’ consent to share their personal information.

  • How do I invite my workers to sign up?

    Once you have created a business profile and identified the number of seasonal/temporary workers you have looking for accommodation, we will send you an invitation link that you can pass on to each of the workers. They can use this link to create their own personal profile. We will let you know when this link is used by one of your workers.

  • How do I know it’s one of my workers?

    When a worker uses the link provided to them to create a personal profile, we will verify that the name and email address matches one listed in your business registration. If they are not listed, or if the email address is different, the worker will not be able to create a profile. They will be referred back to you (the business who provided the link) to check that their details have been listed correctly.

  • Can I use the same invitation link multiple times?

    Yes, that’s the idea. It’s this link that connects your business to your workers – the workers listed in your profile.

  • What if one of my workers forwards the link to someone else?

    If the worker is not listed in your profile, they will not be able to complete the registration. Only workers verified as being associated with a registered business can create a profile on The WAN.

  • How much does it cost me?

    Registering your business, creating a business profile, and inviting your workers to register is as per our pricing information.

  • What does verifying a worker mean for me?

    Workers can only list their profile on The WAN if they have been verified by a local business registered on The WAN. These profiles can be seen by accommodators and, by inviting your workers to create a profile, you are verifying that they work for you.

  • What happens if I verify a worker and they turn out to be a troublemaker?

    When creating a profile, a worker must sign up to The WAN’s terms and conditions. A worker is expected to behave in accordance with these and failure to do so will result in their accommodation arrangements being terminated in accordance with the applicable law.

  • Can my workers who are under 18 register?

    Unfortunately not. As per the terms and conditions, users of The WAN website and its services are required to be 18 years and over. When registering, a user must agree to the terms and conditions, including confirming they are at least 18 years old.


Roomer (worker) FAQs

  • How do I access The WAN?

    As a Roomer (worker), you need an invitation from the business that you are associated with either as an employee or contractor. If the business that you are working for is listed as one of The WAN community members you can discuss this process with the company or a manager. If they are not listed, please introduce them to The WAN and encourage them to become a member. They can contact us at info@thewan.co.nz if they have queries not covered in our FAQs for businesses.

  • What does it cost me?

    Absolutely nothing. It is free for you to register and create your profile.

  • Why do I have to be 18-years or over?

    When registering you must agree to The WAN’s terms and conditions, including confirming you are at least 18 years old, which is a legal requirement for using our services.

  • What are my responsibilities?

    Roomer responsibilities are outlined in the terms and conditions, including specific requirements around Member Conduct. You should also ensure that you read, understand and agree to the Accommodator Rules for a property before entering into an agreement. Once you have committed, their Accommodator Rules and your responsibilities apply.

  • If I am not happy in my accommodation, am I able to move?

    If you are unhappy with your accommodation, you can move. However, your ability to vacate your existing arrangements without cost will depend on the arrangements you agreed with your Accommodator. If you wish to move due to a breach of the terms and conditions by the Accommodator we recommend that you and the Accommodator discuss an alternative arrangement that is appropriate for both of you.